color consultation

Colour Consultation Services in Ottawa, ON

Working with a KODAinteriors’ professional will ensure you find a colour that is tailored to both you and your space. During a colour consultation, our interior decorators will look at every room, not just one. All elements in and surrounding the room will be taken into consideration when choosing paint colours.

This helps to create the look and feel you want, as well as ensure coordination with your existing furniture and the rest of your home.

A colour consultation with Jasmine will help overcome colour challenges such as:

  • Confusion about trends and how to implement them.
  • Using colour to create a feeling, mood or atmosphere in the room.
  • Using and coordinating more than one colour in a room or in a home.
  • Creating an accent wall or focal point with point.

A colour consulation is ideal for:

  • D.I.Yers who want to paint themselves.
  • Someone who knows what they like, but does not know how to make it work.
  • Someone who has an idea, and would like a professional opinion.
  • Someone who struggles with colour, or is colour blind.
  • Someone who does not know what they want, and needs help and suggestions.
  • Those selling their homes.
  • Those looking to freshen up their space(s) without breaking the budget.
  • Someone who wants to create a particular mood in a room (i.e a happy laundry room, a calm bedroom, a relaxing bathroom).