home staging Ottawa

Home Staging Services in Ottawa, ON

It is not easy when your home is on the market. So why not aim for the shortest time possible, AND get the most money for your home!

Hiring a professional home stager will help determine what can be done to your home to ensure you receive the highest return. At KODAinteriors we know how to highlight the positive features and minimize any negative...erm...quirks. We take the buyers perspective and create a home worth buying.

KODAinteriors offers both occupied and vacant home staging. Either option starts with a consultation where an assessment will be done of the home, and a game plan will be implemented.

Most buyers make up their mind within minutes of entering a property. The goal is to have potential buyers see your property as their future home.


  • A home stager does not have any emotional attachment to your home, so it makes it much easier to suggest ways to help you depersonalize and declutter the space.
  • Some, or all of the homeowners furniture may used during an occupied staging - different furniture layouts may be suggested in order to best present your home and create desired spaces that potential home buyers may be looking for.
  • Small renovations may be necessary to get your home ready to sell. A professional brings a fresh eye and has attention for detail. They will identify areas that can be modified to appeal to the majority of potential home buyers.


  • Make the best impression. It is beneficial to create a vision for potential home buyers, and allow them to picture themselves living in the home. This is more difficult to do when the home is empty.
  • An empty room may not show that a king size bed fits beautifully with two nightstands on either side, which might create a worry for potential buyers who need this space.
  • KODAinteriors offers the full package and can provide rental furniture that is appropriate for the style of home and caters to all demographics who may be interested in buying.
  • Vacant staging can have a combination of rented furniture, and homeowners furniture.

Benefits to Staging your home:

  • Sell Faster! Lesson the time on the market.
  • Increase the amount of offers.
  • Receive higher offers on your home.
  • Create a better online presence - photos!
  • Encourage more interest in your home.
  • Set the standard!
  • Create a vision/emotion for potential buyers.
  • Eliminate buyer questions - build trust and enhance the reputation of the home.
  • Make your home look and feel valuable